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Marcadis Singer PA is one of the largest legal firms in the state where there practice focuses entirely on debt collection and Creditors Rights.  When its time to call in the attorneys, certainly, its time to call in the firm whose sole focus is getting you paid.

Orlando Debt Collection Attorneys

To the uninitiated Orlando is the world of theme parks and tourists in  Orange County, Florida.  We are very actively involved in debt collections in the greater Orlando area, and frankly, it is so much more.

Orlando bustles with startups, intermodal freight, international finance, and real estate fall out from over speculation.

Orlando somehow seems to attract an incredible number of people "escaping" life from the northern states to start again, often leaving behind unpaid debts, and ignored judgments.

Our offices in Tampa make Orlando a very easy commute to represent creditors in court, especially creditors with out of state claims against a debtor.

As businesses open and close in Orlando in support of all its industry and tourism, there tends to be broken promises, that only involving assertive and aggressive legal action seems to resolve.

Is is  time to take of the gloves, and retain a debt collection attorney to what you are fairly owed in Orlando, Orange County, or anywhere in Florida?  If the answer is yes, then you owe it to yourself to call us, and learn about how our firm can represent you, and get you paid.

Marcadis Singer, PA, is one of Florida's longest established, largest, and most successful law firm dedicated entirely to the practice of creditor's rights and debt collection.

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Debt Collection

Commercial Collections

Orlando is home to massive tourism, lite manufacture, Information Technology, a vibrant growing economy and with it,  lots of debt.

Our proximity to Orlando makes this an area where you can rely on the attorneys of Marcadis Singer, PA to collect the commercial debt you are owed.

When you have businesses that owe you money, a commercial tenant that has skipped on their lease, a business hiding assets, Orlando Debt Collection Attorneys Marcadis Singer are your effective and assertive debt collection lawyers.  When you need to pursue an Orlando business from out of state, you must rely on the best Orlando debt collection expertise.

Florida is anecdotally known as a "debtor state"   Marcadis Singer, PA, with its incredible focus on only Florida, and only debt collection, is your best resource, when it's time to "Lawyer Up" and finally get paid.

When it comes down to getting paid the money you are owed, your financial lifeblood, can you afford to hand it over to those that don't specialize in tricky Florida Debt Collection Laws?  Probably not.

Call Marcadis Singer, We focus entirely on debt collection, both commercial collections, and consumer collections.

Let us help you keep your business strong, and keep our local economy strong, by collecting the debts that you are owed.

Orlando Consumer Debt Collection Attorneys

There seems to be something unique about Orlando and the surrounding area.  It is one of those hotbeds of unpaid consumer debt. 

Orlando is  aglow with a strong and growing economy with jobs in almost every sector of the economy.   While Orlando captures more than its fair share of debtors leaving their home state to create a new life, there is also a very stable population that is dependent on seasonal work, that falls behind in debt. 

Navigating all of the laws designed to protect consumers from debt collection agencies and debt collection attorneys can be incredibly challenging.  This is especially true of creditors from out of state.  It only takes one legal misstep, and you, as a creditor, may find yourself on the wrong end of a law suite.  Fair?  Of course not.

When it comes time to take the gloves off, and engage a debt collection attorney in Orlando, it is time to only engage a firm entirely focussed on collection of debt.

Marcadis Singer, PA is proud of the debts we have collected for their clients, and we take particular pride in seeing those funds go back into growing businesses, not just businesses, but our clients.

While Florida has its challenges in debt collection, especially in areas like Orlando with significant transient populations, in addition to its established population, it is far from impossible to get paid.   

Rely on the expertise of Orlando Debt Collection Attorneys Marcadis Singer, PA to get back the money you are owed.


The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free, written information about our qualifications and experience.

This is a communication from a debt collector, we are attempting to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

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